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You don't have to
fight disabilities

Service Dogs, And Emotional Support Dogs Help Save Lives.

Programs That Help Save Lives


Disabled Veterans need to know they are taken care of.

Top Tier K9 has a program to help disabled veterans and first responders learn to train their own service dogs.  The program can be accessed by any disabled veteran or first responder through direct payment and individual participation or through assistance from an approved charity


The program is managed by Top Tier  K9, who provides the dog training services and the people training services to help ensure the greatest chance of success for the team.


To apply for charitable assistance in your participation in our Buy a Battle Buddy program please visit, you must be a Service Disabled Veteran or Disabled First Responder to be eligible through the charity.

Other charities also provide support for the Build a Battle Buddy program with their own requirements.

You can sign up for the Build a Battle Buddy program regardless of who you are and pay for the courses directly to Top Tier K9.  You do not need to be disabled to benefit from having a phenomenal Foundation Dog® as your Battle Buddy!  We teach you how to build your own protection dog, service dog, or special security dog through this program.


Adding To The Family

To learn to train dogs and even to start your own dog training business please visit us at

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Programs Available

Come be part of the ultimate success and grasp what goals many dream of obtaining.


Build A Battle Buddy

The course is 30 weeks long.  28 weeks will be live online and the last 2 weeks is live onsite in Madison Florida. with some of the best dog trainers in the world.  Your lead instructor is Master Dog Trainer Jeff Minder.  A service disabled combat veteran, SERE instructor of the year, nominee to the Air Commando Hall of Fame, and the first dog trainer to ever train a dog to hunt for and indicate on a virus (COVID-19).

Foundation Dog


Foundation Dog® is the gold standard in the world of working dogs. They are utilized as police K9, COVID-19 detection dogs, service dogs, protection dogs and sports dogs.

In 2018 the US Government recognized the efforts of Top Tier K9 in their development of Foundation Dogs for service dogs, special security dogs (virus detection) military and law enforcement K9 development.

Turn around time for training and delivery of protection dogs and service dogs is 8 weeks from contract. This can be expedited based on the buyers previous experience in the care and management of a dog.

Guaranteed Success

Top Tier K9 is rated as one of the top professional dog training schools in the world.


Unleashed TV - Dogs without Limits.  This is Episode 5 season 1 of the television program that exposed the world to COVID-19 detection dogs and service dogs from Top Tier K9.


Oliver North is best known for his dedication to America and her heroes.  Ollie interviews the founder of Top Tier K9, Mr. Jeff Minder about his work training COVID-19 detection dogs and service dogs for disabled veterans


Once Travis Lloyd learned that we apply Six Sigma and world-class project management processes to our programs, he was all in.  Travis now has a successful dog training business in Ohio "American K9 Dynamics."  Read More


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